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It is crucial to hire a domestic violence attorney immediately in the event of an arrest. Domestic violence is an emotional event, and testimonies may change quickly as emotions give way to reason. These changes could reduce or eliminate jail time for the defendant.

There are two major differences between domestic violence crimes and other kinds of crimes such as DUI, property crimes, drug possession, or even juvenile crimes.

The first difference is the lack of discretion by police officers and prosecutors in domestic violence cases. With most crimes, the police will arrive at the crime scene, conduct an investigation, and determine whether or not the events that took place warrant an arrest and prosecution.

However, as soon as the authorities get involved in a case that domestic violence may possibly have occurred, an arrest will usually take place. The only important item to the police is to figure out who committed the first alleged violent act. It does not matter that the alleged victim desperately wishes that the other party is set free without any punishment or the alleged victim changes his/her story and admits that nothing really happened.

Domestic Violence Attorneys Thurston County

Witness (or victim) testimony is the other main difference in domestic violence cases. A witness changing his/her story in another criminal case will seriously affect the outcome of that case. However, with domestic violence crimes in Olympia, it is extremely common for the alleged victim, who is usually the only witness to the crime, to change his/her story once their emotions subside and reason comes back into play. However, due to the possible long-term relationship between the two parties, the prosecutor finds it irrelevant that the alleged victim later changes his/her initial statement that was made to the police.

Unlike other violent crimes, the criminal court system is extremely tough on domestic violence crimes and treats them all the same, often prosecuting the defendant to the maximum extent of the law. The Horwath Law criminal defense lawyers are fully aware of the court's approach and we fight aggressively to protect your rights, your future, and your freedom. There are often emotions and history between between the two parties so it is crucial that the court is made aware of all the specifics in order to reach a fair decision. Our Olympia domestic violence lawyers will do everything possible to defend you in these tough cases.

Your entire life could change due to a domestic violence charge. Employers, members of the community, potential places you may want to live and anyone else who looks into your background will have no idea that you may have been innocent, or you may have just been defending yourself. All they will know is that you have a domestic violence conviction and stereotype you as a spouse beater. That is why the expert criminal defense attorneys at Horwath Law will fully dedicate themselves to your case in order to minimize the damage and do everything possible to avoid a domestic violence conviction. If you are charged with domestic violence Olympia, call our criminal law firm immediately so that we may give you a free consultation and guide you in the right direction and help you avoid a tragic outcome in your case.

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