Pre-charging Representation

If you are fortunate enough to be visiting our site prior to being charged with a crime you are in a unique position to control the outcome of you situation. The investigation stage is the best time to consult and hire a criminal defense attorney. If you have been contacted by the police and are under investigation by a law enforcement in Washington, you must make sure you are protected. An experienced criminal defense attorney can act as a shield between you and law enforcement and often times can avoid the criminal charges completely.

Unintentional self-incrimination is a huge risk at this point in the case and the guidance of an experienced attorney is critical. Angela Horwath will advise you during the process and keep your constitutional rights from being violated.

During this phase before your case is handed to the State, Pacific Point Defense, criminal defense attorney will do everything possible to accomplish the following:

  • Prevent filing of charges
  • Reduce charges
  • Assist with surrender and avoid arrest
  • Enforce your constitutional rights
  • Divert allegations into an informal resolution
  • Contact the detective and advise him/her to direct all future contact with you through the attorney
  • Arrange for a confidential polygraph
  • Refuse speaking with the police or investigators
  • Request an attorney to be present when speaking with police